Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Indonesian Orchids

"The Indonesian government is working... with Thailand in an effort to put its orchid products on the international markets... Thailand has a better market and transportation network."... Indonesia... its orchid technology and market expasion is far behind those of Thailand," Agriculture Minister Anton Apriantono said...The minister... visiting Thailand last year... asked orchid business owners in that country to cooperate in the marketing. ... Anton said that Thiland had extensive market networks and routine promotional activities... great in transportation of its orchids because the Thai Airways gave priority to the Thai orchid exports....Indonesia... still lacking of orchid seedling development and laboratory support.... beginning this year... would begin to develop orchid research center in a number of regions in cooperation with the agricultural schools of a number of universities.... the government would provide funding for orchid producers with low-interest rate credits.... have allocated some Rp255 billion... for the development of orchid in 2007".

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