Friday, July 27, 2012

Maxillaria tenuifolia

It is so appropriate that this beautiful orchid plant called Maxillaria tenuifolia is in bloom in the summer.  Just about everything about this orchid plant is unique.  The bulbs known as pseudo-bulbs grow from a stem which normally grow out from the growing medium.  As the plant matures, the bulbs grow taller on these stems.  A closer look at the flower reveals very prominent petals while the sepals (all orchids have three sepals) point forward.  The center of the flower looks like a bee.   Maxillaria tenuifolia is also very fragrant.  The flowers produce a sweet scent of coconut.  So I close my eyes and take a whiff and imagine I am on a beach somewhere... :)

Maxillara tenuifolia orchid flowers

Have a great day!
Steve Peralta

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