Monday, October 19, 2009

Orchid Product Review: White Phalaenopsis

The white phalaenopsis has captured the hearts of anyone who is lucky enough to be around such a beautiful and graceful plant. Just being around a white phalaenopsis makes you feel special and you will see why in my words and pictures of this most magnificent of blooming orchid plants.

What makes the white phalaenopsis orchid so special. First of all, when you are near a white phalaenopsis you are captured by its grace and beauty. The flowers are so white they glow and you are captured by the sheer whiteness of the flower. The center is kissed with yellow and tiny fuchsia spots that is only visible by closer inspection. You can't help but admire such whiteness.

Next, one is captured by the versatility of the white phalaenopsis. They go with just about any decor from the rustic to the modern and everything in between. You better look good next to a white phalaenopsis because you know the white phalaenopsis is looking good baby! After seeing hundreds of orchids, I recently saw a basket of orchids with all white phalaenopsis orchids and I could not help but smile at the beauty. Tall arching sprays with ten to twelve blooms on each plant.

Finally, a white phalaenopsis makes you happy. Being happy is important because that's what radiates out from within. Blooming orchid plants are special and just being around them makes you feel good. Just think, the orchid has existed since the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs roamed the earth! Buy a white phalaenopsis and wonder as you gaze at the beautiful white blooms - I have existed forever just like this beautiful white phalaenopsis orchid.

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