Saturday, November 26, 2011

Online Orchid Flower Delivery

Orchid plants are ubiquitous.. you see them just about everywhere.. that' how they were created and why they have existed on earth for so many years.  But have you seen a bouquet of orchid flowers? Not many of us have seen a bouquet of Orchid Flowers that's why I am happy to post they beautiful photos of orchid flowers in all their glory.. in twenty stem bouquets.  Woohoo!! Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Miniature Moth Orchids Abound

Originally uploaded by 1888Orchids
Miniature moth orchids are all the rage even rivaling their much bigger counterpart. Miniature moth orchids are those orchids that are actually miniature. The flowers are small and the foliage compact. They are grown in three inch (7.62 cm) orchid growing pots. Combine these beautiful miniatures with a decorative pot or basket and you have a small gift that carries a big punch! Miniature moth orchids can be so beautiful that they rival their larger counterparts that produce beautiful sprays of flowers. Bring one home for yourself or a very special fan today.