Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Starts-September 21st and Yes it Was Hot Today!

It was a hot one today and summer is almost over. It hasn't felt this hot in a few days - it's always hot in California! The orchid greenhouse I was in today had sprinklers spraying mist every few minutes... something I hadn't seen in a while, a sure sign that summer is in full course about to end in a few weeks, September 21st to be exact.  Isn't it supposed to be getting cooler? What does this have to do with orchids? Everything,  because you get to see what this beautiful weather has created.  Here's a selection of orchid plants blooming in the greenhouse right now. 
Steve Peralta
Dtps. (Fusheng's Pink Davis - Chian Xen Pear) 'New Orchis' (misspelling intentional)

Dtps. Jiaho Kitty Face "M"

Dtps. (Taisuco Confidence - Taisuco Claire) "M"

Dtps. Unimax Kate - (Hysinying Mount - Tinny Ace) "U403"

Mclna. Yellow Star Stellar

Oda. Hot Pants Hot to Trot

Phalaenopsis KV Beauty