Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Orchids Still in Bloom in California

If you listen you can still hear birds chirping spring songs outside, you know... hey little chick grow feathers so you can fly away...  :) (I made that up).  Yes, it's still spring, the chicks are chirping for food and the mother's spend their days looking for that next tasty morsel to feed their young ones.
California is a wonderful place.  Spring in California is awesome!  Right now, summer is rearing its head with warmer days which means more water to water the plants.  So, this time of spring is very beautiful - not too hot and just right temperature-wise.  It's made extra special by the orchids that I have the privilege to see and touch every day.
Orchids in California are like birds of a feather that fly together, they were made for each other.  California is the pacific rim to the east - most importantly Taiwan.  The relationship that Taiwan orchid farms and California orchid farms have is like the relationship an orchid has with moss.  One must have the other to flourish - Taiwan provides the material and California produces the finished product, mostly phalaenopsis orchids and doritaenopsis orchids also known as moth orchids.  Like these beautiful orchids.  
Enjoy and happy late spring everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monday, June 21, at approximately midnight is the official first day of summer for 2010

One of my favorite places to eat is Vicace at the Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad... of course, nothing beats the Chateau Brion (spelling) at La Valencia in La Jolla! But this is not a post about restaurants, its about seasons and how much I like seasons.  Season help some of us keep track of time.  It's raining, oh, its winter.. It's hot and sunny, it's summer... It's gloomy - it's fall.  Since we are a little over 30 days till summer, I want to share some orchid photos of early summer blooming orchids... Besides it already feels a lot like summer here in California.