Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cool new look and my favorite spring blooming orchids

Well spring is here and what better time to share with you my favorite spring blooming orchids, that is orchids that bloom in march during the transition period between winter and summer and something about an equinox too... Ok, here are some beautiful photos of spring blooming orchids. Per your requests, I am including the name of each orchid. I forgot to do that in earlier posts and there is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful orchid flower and not being able to see the name. Then you have to post on your favorite social site and ask but you don't want to look like an amateur so you never find out the name of the orchid. :( Happy spring and enjoy.

Phalaenopsis Nobbys Amy

Dendrobium speciosum (yellow flower type)

Lc. Purple Cascade "Fragrant Beauty"

Dendrobium Nestor Nagata

Burr. Castle Issa Hilo Bay

Bllra. Lunatic Fringe "Orchid Isle"

Blc. Taiwan Queen "Golden Monkey"

Phalaenopsis Sogo David