Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cattleya Green Emerald "Queen" Orchid Flowers Smell Like Bubble Gum

The orchid flowers of Cattleya Green Emerald "Queen" are hard to the touch and very fragrant!  The flowers resemble those of another species orchid called Cattleya guttata ("the spotted Cattleya orchid"). Cattleya Green Emerald "Queen"  is a bifoliate Cattleya species of orchid.  The word bifoliate means it has two leaves from when the orchid stem grows.  One plant usually produces two flowers buds that are green then open up to this spectacular orchid flower.  The orchid flowers smell like bubble gum.  As a kid I chomped on a gum called Hubba Bubba and these orchid flowers smell like that gum.. Yummy!!