Friday, July 30, 2010

What's in a name?

Can I have an orchid named after me? Now that is a way to have your name live for eternity! Yes, you can have an orchid named after you and probably the best place to go is Chadwick & Sons Orchids.


Steve Peralta

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Orchid Photostream on Flickr

Woohoo! We are finally adding orchid photos to our Flickr page.  Here's our Flickr photostream that you can see at: -  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think... Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Orchids that make you smile, which one is your favorite?

When I see a beautiful orchid, in full bloom, my first reaction is to blink... to help focus my eyes on what I'm seeing.  Then, I usually smile and sigh... not a big sigh, a small sigh, but a sigh nonetheless.  How do you react when you see a beautiful orchid flower? (I am assuming you like beautiful things, like flowers, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post). 

In other words, you can't work around orchid flowers and not be affected (I still get confused with the difference between affect and effect) by their exquisiteness ... yeah, that's the word!  Orchids are exquisite and just being around them makes you feel good.  Some orchid flowers take your breath away more than others.  From hundreds of orchids I see each day, here are a few orchids, most of them Phalaenopsis that not only take my breath away, they make you smile.  (Don't forget to smile as you look at the photos  :)  Orchids make you smile and take your breath away don't they?  At least they do in person, where you can touch them.  I don't know if the photos have the same affect - enjoy!

Doritaenopsis Nobby's Purple

Doritaenopsis Hsinying Mount "Taida Snow Peach"
Phalaenopsis Sogo Yakudian (Flower diameter can reach six inches)

Doritaenopsis Taisuco Fireball x Taisuco Glory

Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Panda

Doritaenopsis Jiaho Kitty Face"M"
Doritaenopsis [(Super Stupid - Timothy Christopher) - Ganlin Fairy "M"

Doritaenopsis Taida Pearl "Taida Black Horse"

Phalaenopsis Amabilis Farmosa

Dendrobium densiflorum
Bulbophylum Kathy's Gold
Dtps. Chian Xen Queen "JB18"
Purple Doritaenopsis Orchid (front)
Purple Doritaenopsis Orchid (back) - The sepals were green buds