Monday, November 06, 2006

Orchids for Facial Care

"recently, The House of Guerlain...launched a... product for facial care known as Orchid?e Imp?riale...the orchid... possessing what Guerlain considers the secret of eternal beauty. It is Guerlain?s belief [!!!] in the wonder of nature at work in the orchid that has inspired its quest for youth. In the desire to preserve female beauty and freshness, it sought to uncover the secret of this mythical flower...It has taken seven long years of arduous research to perfect the science behind the orchid?s magical properties. Still fascinated by the performance of the orchid?s molecular extract, Guerlain?s research scientists continue their investigations to this day. As a matter of fact, their latest advances were already presented in two major conferences: last March at the International Anti-Aging Medicine Conference in Paris, and in May at Philadelphia?s Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology.... orchids... four have been chosen by Guerlain?s research scientists. Working in partnership with orchid experts through phytochemical testing and work on cell cultures of human skin and DNA chips, they have taken a look at the orchid?s extraordinary properties derived from the roots of these four flowers [plants ???].Advanced anti-aging technology in the Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract was found to give cells... functional longevity. To attest to this fact, the new Guerlain lotion gives five specific key effects in the battle against aging.First, it preserves the existing cell membrane which is believed to be the key in attaining youthful skin.Second, the extract boosts the capacity of cells to regenerate.Third, proteins responsible for the protection of DNA known as Metallothioneins are maintained and promoted through the extract.Fourth, tissue inflammation is controlled through the stimulation of the ?longevity gene? called IL-10.Lastly, tissue damage caused by the attack of free radicals is addressed by combating the effects of what the researchers call cutaneous immunosesescence.To put it simply, the extract controls the internal deterioration of tissue at the cellular level....To prove its effectiveness, a clinical test was carried out by dermatologists on 32 women who used the product daily for a month and reported a 50-percent reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.On the other hand, based on the self-evaluation of 60 women over a four-week period, 85 percent attested to more supple and even-toned skin, while 80 percent observed firmer and more radiant skin."source :

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