Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Links to Orchid Digest and the Orchid Review,

Orchid Digest: index online in PDF format
(http://www.orchiddigest.com/html/downloads.html) covering the volumes 30 (1966) - 69 (2005).
Now if only someone would make an index for the first 29 volumes andinclude all the pictures in all 71 volumes :-)

Orchid Review: a few years ago a CD was published by the RHS (http://www.rhs.org.uk/plants/plant_groups/orchids.asp) containing a subject and author index.

Indices of magazines are not very common unfortunately so if anybody knows of other indices of orchid magazines in electronic format then
please let me/us know.

Luckily there is also "Bibliorchidea" maintained by Rudolf Jenny(http://www.orchid.unibas.ch/bibliorchidea.index.php) butsometimes I would just like to have one index of just "my" books &


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