Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Orchid Conservatory at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

"Art at the Garden 2008, presented by Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden... in honor of the opening of the garden's Orchid Conservatory.

The art celebration will continue through March 18 and include paintings on silk, photographs and watercolors.

Featured artists include Silk Synergy artists Janet Haefner, Julianne Jennings, Karen Sistek and Merridee Joan Smith. Silk Synergy is a group of
four artists who work individually and as a group specializing in paintings
on silk.

... Greg Allikas will display a variety of his... photographs. His work appears regularly in "Orchids" magazine and in several books,
including three he co-authored with Ned Nash.

Rose Ganucheau has been painting orchids in watercolor for 20 years...

The Orchid Conservatory at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is scheduled to open at noon Jan. 19.
The conservatory will... serve as a learning environment introducing visitors to... biology of orchids."

URL: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/breaking_news/story/440631.html

Steve Peralta

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