Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mother's Day Orchids

Orchids for Mother's Day
By Susan Taylor
"Mother's Day is coming up and what better gift to get her than an orchid? Mother's Day Orchids are one of the best gifts to give because of their allure and mystique. Their distinctive color, shape and history have made them a gift that will be received with awe. One of the most common comments I've heard is "I've always wanted to grow an orchid…" Why don't you give your mother one so she can try?

Orchids are in fact one of the best buys you can make for any holiday, especially if you pick a Phalaenopsis. These lovely orchids come in an amazing rainbow of colors for almost any décor and often will bloom for up to six months depending upon the variety and parentage. What other kind of blooming plant will do that for you? No cut flowers will do that; other blooming plants only last for a couple of weeks. Phals will provide a lasting display that will please and provide enjoyment for a long while. They are one of the staples used in flower arrangements in hotels and other areas where floral arrangements are part of the décor..."


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