Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hoosier Orchid Company Out of Business

To our friends & customers,

Nineteen years ago Hoosier Orchid Company moved into our facilities here on the northwest side of Indianapolis, building on a tradition of providing species and fine hybrid orchids that traced back through Sea Breeze Orchids, Great Lakes Orchids and Margaret Ilgenfritz Orchids. We joined our legacy with those of Fred Hillerman, the late Madeline Elder, Steve Stevenson, John Schwind and others. Over these 19 years we have experienced great success in getting to know our customers, providing you with fantastic service as well as fine plants, and the joy of learning about orchids and sharing our love of orchids with you.

It is in recognition of that joy and success that I write to let you know that Hoosier Orchid Company has permanently closed. We have enjoyed growing and sharing our orchids, developing new and exciting lines of breeding, discovering new species, speaking to orchid societies, educating our local customers, displaying at shows around the country, making rare species available, and so many other aspects of our business. Our closing is a bittersweet recognition of the changing aspects of the orchid industry and societal trends.

Our focus on species orchids was based on our love of species and their natural habitats. We encourage everyone to support in situ and ex situ conservation of orchids. Please support artificial propagation of species orchids and the preservation of the complex web of life that allows these wonderful plants to exist and flourish. Cherish and share the species you have in your collections and grow them responsibly.

All of us here join me in thanking you for your interest in our company, your friendship, and your patronage over the years. Best wishes for many years of healthy plants and beautiful blooms!

William Ames Rhodehamel President,
Hoosier Orchid Company


Steve Peralta