Friday, January 21, 2011

Combat winter blahs with orchid houseplant

If the winter ickies have got you down, a visit to a nursery or garden center is a great pick-me-up. And chances are you'll find a good selection of orchids in full bloom. While orchids look exotic, they make great houseplants. And the Phalaenopsis orchid, also called the moth orchid, is a snap to grow. It should be kept nearly dry between watering, so you don't have to be a slave to its needs like some other houseplants. Depending on the medium it's planted in, potting soil or bark, it only needs watering every week to 10 days. After it blooms, cut the flower stem back by half, about an inch above a green fleshly node and with luck the plant will re-flower.

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Ron said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Steve. Great pics on yours - love all the Phalaenopsis shots, though I grow only a couple - no space.