Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Name an Orchid from Buyagift.com

This beautifully personalised gift will bring the recipient happiness time and time again. The Name an Orchid gift box includes a uniquely numbered seed pack, which will be registered on the Exotic Orchid Registry in the recipient's name. They can then grow their own orchid tree, nurturing it as it grows from a seedling into a beautiful tree over the years to come.
The Name an Orchid pack contains a registration card for you to complete and send off with the name for registration. Your pack also includes:

Welcome Letter
A3 Growing Planner
Uniquely numbered pack of Orchid Tree Seeds
Polythene growing bags
How to grow and care for your Orchid Tree leaflet
Personalised certificate - including your chosen name, unique number and date of registry

~ They stole my idea!! This is interesting but it's from the United Kingdom - anybody bought this yet?
URL: www.buyagift.co.uk/Product/Id/9438/.../Name_an_Orchid

Steve Peralta

Name an Orchid from Buyagift

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ArtSilk said...


We attended the International Orchid Festival in Santa Barbara this month and received a great response to our silk hand-painted orchid portraits (painted in Santa Monica, CA). I'm sure you will enjoy our art. Please visit us! :)