Thursday, July 12, 2012

White Butterfly Orchid Flower

white butterfly orchid flower

It's summer and it is hot outside so I am reviewing a white butterfly orchid - the butterfly orchid with white flowers.  White is a symbol of purity and white being the cool color that it is.. there is no better time to tell you what I like about this orchid.  Just looking at one makes you feel good.
I like this orchid because it is elegant.  A spray of white orchid flowers in any setting adds elegance quite unlike any other flowering plant.  I also like that they are easy to care for.. It is not uncommon, with proper care, to have your white phalaenopsis re-bloom year after year.  Finally, knowing that I am caring for an orchid plant makes me feel good.  You see, when you care for an orchid plant you are caring for another species.  Along with taking good care of ourselves, caring for another species is good for everyone.  :)

Have a great day!!

Steve Peralta


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