Thursday, August 23, 2012

Orchid Plant - Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl

Orchid Plant - Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl
Here is an orchid that is special beyond compare - Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl. So many things make this orchid plant and flowers special I don't know where to start.  Ok.. first the flowers.  Pure white blossoms are speckeled with dark fuchsia spots - not one spot is the same size as the other - not one flower is alike! The flowers are medium sized but if this orchid is grown in a larger pot, the flowers tend to be a bit bigger.  
Orchid plants that produce flowers with spots are known as Harlequin orchids.. hmm, I wonder why.  Did the grower know these orchid plants were going to be so special?
Another thing that makes Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl special is that it is a challenge to grow.. I don't know what you consider rare, but I consider that from 100 seedlings less than half make it to mature size.. like the one shown in the photo.. Finally, Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl is very vigorous and easy to grow in the home.  I have taken  Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl home so I know from experience it does well in the home by a well lit window.  If you get a mature plant, hang on to it.
I hope you like  Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl just as much as I do.   

Steve Peralta


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The golden rule for orchid success is to duplicate the plant's natural conditions as closely as possible. In nature, most orchids are epiphytes, meaning they grow on other objects, clinging to rough bark or even stone.

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