Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make 'em Smile With a Birthday Bouquet of Orchid Flowers

Cut orchids are a great birthday gift because the flowers last a long time and they are very beautiful.

I made it a goal to always have flowers on my kitchen table. So I can tell you first hand that cut orchid flowers are very long lasting. Cut orchids like dendrobiums will drop all the flowers or they may shrivel on the flower spike. You simply pinch the dead flower from the flower spike.
The tip of the flower spike will still have buds. Do not remove these and you have a challenge to see the buds become flowers. With proper care, the buds will continue to flower allowing the flower stem to stay blooming for months. I have seen cut dendrobium orchids in a glass vase for months.

Not only do cut orchid flowers last long, they are exotic. Probably the best word to describe an orchid is exquisite. So cut orchid flowers are exquisitely exotic flowers. Just being around a bouquet of cut orchids make you feel special.

Celebrate a birthday with something different - cut orchid flowers!


Flowers Basilicata said...


Birthday flowers delivered to someone's home or an eye-catching display at their workplace will be a true delight. Birthday fower will make them exited and fresh all day long. Thanks...

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