Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Favorite Red Orchdids

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so there is no better time (other than Christmas) to write about my favorite red orchids. Orchids that produce red flowers can be hard to find which makes them even more alluring. Whenever I see the color red in the greenhouse, I am magnetically drawn to the flower. That is why I am going to write about my favorite red orchids.

The first orchid that I love is Burr. (stands for Burrageara) Living Fire Glowing Embers. It's a fairly common intergeneric orchid but I think its still a special orchid plant. I am always intrigued by the silvery color of the foliage. normally offer this orchid in a four inch growing pot but I have seen Burr. Living Fire "Glowering Embers" as a specimen plant with multiple flower spikes and it looks amazing with all the red flowers. The bright red flowers are always a treat and beckon the admirer to take a closer look.
Next is Blc. Chia Lin Shinsu, the large flowering cattleya. The flowers are red that can be described as very dark papaya. The flowers glisten with a diamond dust sparkle that makes you smile. The silvery, diamond dust affect on the flowers dampens the color somewhat which makes you wonder what color it really is. The flower is very fragrant that smells like bubble gum.

Another favorite red orchid is Dtps. Taida Salu "Alisan" prdouced by Taida Horticultural. I don't know why this orchid has not won an award as it is both hardy after it finishes blooming and produces a profusion of flowers when in bloom. The characteristic branching flower spike ensures the orchid plant will produce a profusion of orchid flowers. A closer look at the flower reveals that the color red overlays yellow. The orchid plant continues to look fuller and prettier every year that's why it's one of my favorites.

I also like, and I am sure you will agree, Slc. Wendy's Valentine "June" The foliage is compact and the flowers are bright red with a bright yellow center. The fact the orchid is named Slc. Wendy's Valentine "June" and it is in bloom right now, hint, hint Valentine's Day is right around the corner...

Not just for the poor man, red epidendrums are the orchid to cherish. With proper care, these orchids will last a lifetime and reward the orchid lover with cluster of orchid flowers. I am from California and I like epidendrum orchids because they will grow outside, some in full sun.
I can't tell you about my favorite red orchids without mentioning my favorite red cut orchid flowers! Drum roll please... its Red Azima Orchids
Here are photos of some of my other favorite red orchids...


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