Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Reverse Paranoid

This post has nothing to do with orchids but that's what blogs are for, the blog owner can post whatever is on his or her mind.  Today I just want to share a thought about attitude.  So many things can be going wrong in our lives and it is the decisions we make about those things that determine what the outcome is going to be.  I really believe that in my heart.  If I have a good attitude about everything, even the bad things, that gives me the opportunity to control those things.  If I have a bad attitude for something wrong that happens, then I lose control of that and tell myself I have no responsibility for it, I am powerless, bring on the bad consequences of my thoughts...  So no matter what is wrong (or right) in my life, I keep a good attitude about it and know that it is all working for the better.  That's the attitude you should have too.  Be a reverse paranoid (as Jack Canfield says), be an optimist.  Don't worry, be happy and all those bad things will fall to the side.  I am most sure of it...

Steve Peralta

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