Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belated Valentine Orchid Gifts

Forgot to send your sweetie a gift for Valentine's Day? If you mentioned you were going to do something special and you forgot, the wrong thing to do is nothing.  You have to give her something, especially if you already mentioned it.  Jewelry, chocolates or candy are all great gifts but you want to send something that will make her forget you forgot her special day, what should you give?

Delight Her with an Orchid Gift

Phalaenopsis Orchid Gift
So you feel embarrassed  because you forgot her special day.  Don't worry, with a few tips, you can send her a belated valentine and she'll forgive you.  How? The trick is to send her something so special, she'll forget you forgot.  But what can you send her that is so special she'll forget you forgot her special day? Orchid gifts! Yes, orchids make great Valentine's Day presents.  They are unique and alluring not to mention exotic - which is what Valentine's Day is all about.  Valentine's Day is about love and orchid are very romantic.

Next, don't mention to her that you forgot.  Just give her something.  If you mention you forgot, she will know you forgot.  If you send her an orchid, send it with a gift note that says Be My Valentine or Thinking of you on Valentine's Day.  You'll sound like a loser if you use the word "forgot" so just keep the card message simple and don't tell her why you forgot unless she mentions it.  We think orchids are special and just looking at one makes you feel good. 

Finally, don't forget her special day again.  Orchid gifts should do the trick to forgive you for missing her special day but just don't forget a second time because you may need to send two orchids next time.


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