Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dendrobium densiflorum

Here is a special orchid that is in bloom right now....

The 200 varieties of Dendrobium orchids push in a wild state in the vast triangle formed by the Himalayas, the South of Japan and the Zealand News. Dendron comes from the Greek and means “tree”, “organic” means life - its name points out its way of pushing in nature: preferably on trees (├ępiphyte), but sometimes also on rocks (lithophyte).

The varieties coming from cold areas are acclimatized very well in our apartments. The dendrobium orchid is an easy joint tenant who does not ask too many care and constitutes with him only a work of art in each part. It is not for only in English this plant is called “fart seedling”, so much its presence is comparable with that of a pet.

When they are in nature, the orchises open out thanks to the differences in temperature that there is between the day and the night. It is thus necessary to take care to place your orchid plant in a place where the temperature is fresher the night than the day. You can for example place your orchis in front of a window. This precaution to be taken has all its importance because it is in fact the variations in temperature which induce the flowering of your orchises.

Place it in at a place which you air regularly. The orchids like to have a little air. But attention, their stem is fragile! It is also necessary to take care that it is not in full cold air draft, especially the winter.
Some is the Dendrobium to which you will succumb, this orchis will always surprise you: initially by its form, a such torch with the spangled flowers, supported by a green foliage, and also by its petals with the splendid reasons, of a color gradation blades or on the contrary very contrasted, such as for example of the yellow petals to the labelle pink, or of the white flowers in the middle purple.

The labellum one hangs the glance: sensual, corrugated, powerful and arousing, very “Girl Power”.
Chinese medicine concocts infusions starting from certain varieties of Dendrobium orchid to support digestion and to nourish the “yin” (female) of the man. Over there, this house plant is most beautiful of the gifts which one can offer to a woman.

The dendrobium - of which there exists more than 1200 cultivated varieties - became, around 1900, a house plant. When a man offered this orchis to a woman, it was to express passion that it inspired to him…. even if that were sometimes regarded as improper because of the erotic aspect of the plant due to its voluptuous “lip”.

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