Thursday, July 19, 2007

OrchidWiz Encyclopedia 4.0

OrchidWiz... Encyclopedia 4.0...number of orchid images available... nearly 20,500...
orchid species cultivation data sourced from the work of Charles Baker withhis permission...Mr. Baker is a former meteorologist for the National Weather Service...His compilation work done over the last two decades...
You can search the AOS bulletins and AOS magazines [issues of the AOSBulletin and Orchids ?] by author or title....OrchidWiz, LLC, is a software company based in Miami Shores, Florida. Thecompany develops computer programs for the orchid-growing community.OrchidWiz Encyclopedia software is used... in 33 countries. Over 200American Orchid Society judges and more than 150 orchid nurseries currentlyuse OrchidWiz."

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