Monday, July 02, 2007

President of the Orchid Society of Pakistan

President of the Orchid Society of Pakistan, Razia Aizazuddin...started growing orchids 40 years ago...She once picked up a small pot of an apparently withered plant...she... repotted it, crushed Naphthalene (Camphor balls) and placed a fewpinches of these in the pot along with water for a few days. Within fivedays, her experiment resulted in the plant's miraculous recovery and shesucceeded in learning a new way to save dying orchids....The society holds meetings every second month, arranges seminars,excursions and takes part in the annual flower show after which it takesout its annual newsletter...Aizazuddin believes that coco chip and charcoal suit orchids best...the Orchid Society of Pakistan was formed in 1997... it now has more than100 members"


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