Monday, March 17, 2008

Fever pitch Windham man answered the orchid's seductive call

Chuck Crisler...has... about 450 orchid the Amherst, Mass., Show, one of his Cymbidiums won in two categories, the best large species and the best Cymbidium....he'll sometimes take two hours to water his orchids, holding them up and giving each one individual attention. "You've got to understand what they are feeling," he said [smile...].... Marty Epstein of Haverhill, Mass., theorizes orchids have a virus that get people to like them [smile...]....Crisler advised... on Cymbidium care, recommending that he dry them out. "... 'Keep them cool and dry, and they will bloom,' " Mulder said......But New Hampshire is also home to many orchids, 50 or 60 species [exactnumber ?]...The pink lady slipper one of the most well known that grows in the state. Easy to miss is the Coralroot orchid. It grows underground and comes up inthe fall for only three days or so to bloom."URL : : [caption : "Cymbidium Hunter's Point... grown by Chuck Crisler]