Sunday, March 16, 2008

Green Orchids

You don't have to go to Singapore to enjoy a breathtaking bouquet of green orchids called Dendrobium Burana Jade "Burana." Just in time for Christmas! This variety of green orchids is spectacular! Stems can measure up to 24 inches long! WOW! These long lasting beauties are sure to delight even the hardest to please on your holiday gift list. A closer look at the flower reveals a mauve center which contrasts beautifully with the bright green petals. Twenty exquisite stems are sent in green vase shown.NOTE:Green orchids like these Dendrobium Burana Jade "Burana" will be sent with half the stem in bud and the other half with fully bloomed flowers. We recommend that you keep these green orchids somewhere bright so the buds will fully open. You may not get all the flowers to open but placing the orchids in a bright location will help the flowers to open more fully. These are spectacular flowers and we guarantee you will be amazed at the length of the stems.

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