Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seeds of Brazil shine in the Festival of the Orquídea of Japan

Translated from Portuguese to English:

A dumb one with 233 white orquídeas, created from seeds of Brazil, was awardee in the International Festival of the Orquídea of the Japan, that yesterday finished (2) in Tokyo after to have received almost half million from visitors.
The orquídeas born with Brazilian seeds had received as the prize in the festival that counted on the participation of representatives of 20 countries, also of Brazil, through the Tropicalismo workmanship, from ambassador Paula Barboza.
About 100 a thousand orquídeas of all the colors, types and sizes, composed for the most diverse forms, had invaded the stadium Tokyo Dome, where the Great Prize of the Orquídea of Japan (www.jgpweb.com/index) is carried through since 1991.
One of the organizers of the festival, Nanako Terabuko, explained that the orquídea is the “evolved flower more, as well as the man between the animals”.
“The orquídea is a peculiar plant, the most developed and the one that more varieties presents. They are not as the roses, that always are symmetrical and of the same type”, said Nanako.
The proper orquídea word has an aphrodisiac connotation, therefore Greek comes from the orchis word (testicule), because for first the botanical Greeks, the form of the species of the region if seemed to the masculine reproductive agency.
In Japan this flower represents the beauty and if it uses in the ikebana, disciplines high Japanese to the category of art of the floral decoration.
As much are the types of orquídeas - in Japan they are counted about 2.500 varieties and more than 35 a thousand in the world - that for this competition six categories had been established: individual plants, for aromas, style of composition, drawing, artistic (it includes photograph, paintings and others) and orquídeas in miniature.

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